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Saicad offers web-based , portfolio valuation, portfolio analytics and reporting for Institutional investors and investment
managers. We offer Back-Office Treasury Systems integration between different platforms such as SAP, SunGard, REVAL,
FxALL, Bloomberg, Reuters...
We offers Hedge Management and Hedge accounting services to our client based on US-GAAP, IFRS

Our earlier delivery mode was on-site, but now with the significant improvements  in web technology, it has become easier
and more
cost-effective (to our clients) to deliver the above mentioned services in a off-site/offshore mode.

Hedge Management
As per : FAS 133/ASC 815/IAS 39/IFRS 9

Our consultants work with the client in different aspects of hedge management for :
  • Currency Risk
  • Interest Rate Risk
  • Commodity Risk

Our consultants will assist in :

  • Hedge Strategy definition
  • Balance Sheet hedge program
  • Cash Flow hedge program
  • Net Investment hedge program
  • Exposure Identification
  • Translation exposures
  • Economic Exposures
  • Hedge Effectiveness Testing
  • Dollar-Offset
  • Volatility reduction
  • Regression
  • Hedge Accounting entries
  • Parallel accounting (if required)
  • Reclassification, dissolution, de-designation
  • Hedge Documentation  (compliant to Accounting standards requirements)
  • Hedge Reporting (compliant to SAS 70 audit requirements)

Our Hedge Management services are offered both in an
on-site and offshore mode.

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Valuation & Credit Risk Assessments
As per : FAS 52/ASC830/IAS 21...
As per : FAS 157/161

Our consultants work with the client in different aspects of Foreign Exchange and Interest rate management  :
For example , our consultants will work with your  Accounting/Treasury  teams on a regular basis to prepare the correct :
  • Foreign Currency Valuation
  • Foreign Currency Translation
  • Mark-to- Market (M2M ) valuation
  • Position valuation reports

We will provide to you on a monthly basis a set of accounting entries as a result of your FX valuations
We will provide you reports such as :

Our consultants work with your Treasury team to produce on a regular basis the Mark-to- market valuations.
They will provide detailed analysis of your portfolios such as :
  • Value - at - risk (VAR)
  • Net Present value (NPV) analysis
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  • Create basis point shifts
  • Simulations

These reports are very helpful to the senior finance management team to explain the source of Foreign Currency variation
These reports are delivered to you in different formats with the capability to  :
  • Integrate them into your Treasury Portals
  • Slice and dice treasury data
  • Conduct scenario (what-if ) and simulations

Valuation services  begin with on-site work and after a couple of reporting cycles are moved to a offshore delivery mode.

Treasury Systems integration (SAP, REVAL, FxALL)
Most clients have a wide range of Trading , accounting , data warehousing and reporting systems. Effective reporting and
analytics is possible only if the Treasury and related accounting data can flow in seamless manner from front - office to the
reporting and analytics systems.

The problem : large IT system integrators (SI) lack deep Treasury skills and in-depth knowledge of Treasury operations.
Therefore many a times they are not able to effectively integrate the Treasury systems to the accounting and reporting
systems. Due to the lack of Treasury skills, many important aspects of the data are not captured. The result is that with the
best of intentions, the resulting Treasury reporting and analytics is either inadequate of or a poor quality.

This is where, SAICAD leverages its experience in the field of Treasury and IT. Its consultants are able to work with IT system
integrators and design the optimum data interfaces and integration between systems. We are able to:
  • Extract the relevant Treasury data from different systems,
  • Analyse the data using different methods
  • Present the data in formats suitable to the clients needs.

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