SAICAD  experience

Our practice began in 2001, serving  high-tech companies in the Silicon Valley CA, and
on  Wall Street in NY, USA,  with Mark- to-Market valuations and Foreign exchange,
interest rate exposure identification. The practice expanded very soon to cover other
industry segments and  locations within the US. In 2003, we began our work with the first
Big 4 firm on Hedge Management and followed it up with another long-term association
with another Big 4 firm in 2005 on Counter-party credit risk assessments.

Saicad opened its subsidiary operations in London, UK in 2006, to service the needs of
its EU- based clients, mainly in the areas of Hedge management and valuations.

Our practice has grown mainly through referrals from our clients. Our clients (
client list)
are diverse both in terms of the geographical spread - globally and in terms of the
industry. For example we support clients from the manufacturing, insurance, beverages,
consumer goods, airlines, high-tech and financial institutions in the US and in Europe.

Though our client base is diverse, we continue to focus on our core areas :
  • Hedge Management (FAS 133/ASC 815/IAS 39/IFRS 9)
  • Valuations (FAS 52/ASC 830/ IAS 21...)
  • Credit Risk Assessments (FAS 157/FAS 161)
  • Treasury Systems integration (SAP, REVAL, FxALL)

Our services are offered in an on-site and offshore model, after discussions with our
clients. Our valuations, assessments and reports  are SAS 70 compliant and always
meet the necessary accounting standards (ASC/FASB/IAS/IFRS...)
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