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Treasury Systems Integration

Most clients have a wide range of Trading , accounting , data warehousing and reporting systems. Effective reporting and
analytics is possible only if the Treasury and related accounting data can flow in seamless manner from front - office to the
reporting and analytics systems.

The problem : large IT system integrators (SI) lack deep Treasury skills and in-depth knowledge of Treasury operations.
Therefore many a times they are not able to effectively integrate the Treasury systems to the accounting and reporting
systems. Due to the lack of Treasury skills, many important aspects of the data are not captured. The result is that with the
best of intentions, the resulting Treasury reporting and analytics is either inadequate of or a poor quality.

This is where, SAICAD leverages its experience in the field of Treasury and IT. Its consultants are able to work with IT system
integrators and design the optimum data interfaces and integration between systems.

We leverage the broad SAP Platform (ECC ; BI, Business Objects ) to:
  • Extract the relevant Treasury data from different systems,
  • Analyse the data using different methods
  • Present the data in formats suitable to the clients needs.

WHAT Types of Integration/Interfaces do we handle :

We focus on a large number of Industry standards for the Financial Services Industry such as :

  • SWIFT (MT and MX) standards
  • ACH (National Automated Clearing House)
  • BAI (Banking Automation Interface)
  • FIX (Financial Information eXchange)
  • PCI (Payment Card Interface)

integrate  SAP and other systems with a variety of Data and services providers for the Financial services industry, such as :

  • Trade Data :
  • Bloomberg
  • Reuters
  • Ratings Agencies :
  • Standard & Poors (S & P)
  • Moody's
  • Fitch
  • Dun & Bradstreet ( D & B)
  • A.M.BEST
  • Trading Platforms :
  • FxALL
  • Clearwater
  • State Street
  • Wall Street Systems (WST)
  • Sun Gard

Here is an example : (which is a common occurrence at many client engagements)
Our client wanted some of the Front-office data (FX and Interest ) extracted for the purpose of entering hedges. These hedges
needed to be tested on a regular basis (effectiveness testing). The hedges were placed using a different system than the
Front-office system, and the valuations (Fair value)  were handled in a third system. The back-office hedge and derivative
accounting was handled in SAP and the reporting was handled in an associated system.

We were able to design interfaces which allowed Treasury data to move seamlessly from the front-office to the back-end and
produce for our client SAS 70 and accounting standard compliant reports. Our reports were also loaded onto the Treasury